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Prior informed consent procedure
Act Ratifying the Rotterdam Convention on Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Procedure  for Certain Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade (OJ RS, No. 86/99 – International Agreements, No. 26/99) lays down the content of prior informed consent procedure (PIC procedure). As of 1. 11. 2008 Regulation 689/2003 concerning the export and import of certain hazardous chemicals has been used, together with its amendments, to implement PIC procedure:

In case of export of chemicals listed in Annex I, exporter should notify export (in accordance with Annex II). Noitfication should be forwarded to Chemicals Office of the Republic of Slovenia at least 30 days before first export of individual chemicals in specific tfird country, and 15 days before any first export time in any subsequent calendar year. 


For implementation of PIC procedure database , which is used by national authorities and also by enterprices.

The Chemicals Office of the Republic of Slovenia is responsible for implementing PIC procedure in the Republic of Slovenia and internationally. In doing so, the Chemicals Office of the Republic of Slovenia works closely together with the ministry responsible for the environment.
Contact point: Karmen Krajnc MSc