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Fees are laid down in the Annex to Decree implementing Regulations (EU) concerning the making available on the market and use of biocidal products ((Ur. l. RS [Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia], no. 20/14).

After receipt of an application, the Office shall inform the applicant of the amount and method of payment of the fee and the deadline for such.

Fees related to the biocidal products notification procedure shall be paid when submitting the application.

Fees shall be paid to the following suspense account of the Chemicals Office of the Republic of Slovenia – marketing of biocidal products: (IBAN No.): SI5601100-8450080537 (SWIFT code: BSLJSI2X, Bank name: The Bank of Slovenia (Banka Slovenije), Slovenska cesta 35, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA), the purpose of the payment (reference): name of the biocidal product.

For certain procedures for issuing uniform EU authorisations, ECHA fees are payable in accordance with Commission Implementing Regulation (EU)  no. 564/2013  on the fees and charges payable to the European Chemicals Agency.