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The labelling required for a cosmetic product container and outer packaging is specified in Article 19 of the Cosmetics Regulation.


Containers or packaging must bear written information in indelible, easily legible and visible lettering. This information concerns:
a) The name or registered name and the address of the responsible person. The country of origin for imported products;
b) The weight or volume of the content at the time of packaging;
c) Date of minimum durability for products kept in appropriate conditions;
d) Precautions for use, including for cosmetics for professional use;
e) The batch number of manufacture or the reference for identifying the cosmetic product;
f) The function of the cosmetic product, unless it is clear from its presentation;
g) A list of ingredients.


The required labelling must be provided mainly in Slovenian (Article 19 of the Cosmetics Regulation and Article 6 of the Decree on implementing Regulation (EC) on cosmetic products).