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The Chemicals Office of the Republic of Slovenia runs, in the framework of its inspection of production, trade and use of hazardous chemicals, a national list of chemicals placed on the market of the Republic of Slovenia. 


The list of chemicals involves data on chemicals (substances and preparations) on the market of the RS classified as hazardous.


List of chemicals contains over 85,000 entries. Data collection was kicked off in the second half of 1999, capitalizing on data on chemicals form safety data sheets as well as on their annual volume. Relevant legislation underpinning data collection is as follows: Article 35 of the Chemicals Act and the Rules on Communicating Data on Chemicals.
Who is liable to communicate data on chemicals?
Any legal entity or sole trader manufacturing chemicals in the RS or importing chemicals into the RS, including import for direct use in their own production, is liable to communicate data of chemicals.
Which data should be communicated for chemicals?
The following data on chemicals have to be communicated: general data on producer/importer, trade name of chemical, safety data sheet (SDS), label according to nomenclature of customs tariff, is this a substance or a preparation, is a chemical produced in the Republic of Slovenia or is it imported in the Republic of Slovenia, is a chemical partly or entirely meant for general use, sector of use (NACE), chemical category, chemical composition and annual volumes.
Which chemicals should be placed on the list of chemicals?
Producers or importers are liable to communicate data on those chemicals classified as hazardous based on physical and chemical properties, and based on impacts on human health and the environment.
Which chemicals do not have to be placed on the list of chemicals?

Chemicals indicated in Annex 1 of the Rules on Communicating Data on Chemicals do not have to be placed on the List of Chemicals:

  • chemicals, classified only for physical hazards and produced or imported in annual volumes less than 100 kg per liable person,
  • chemicals, classified as "gas under pressure" or "corrosive to metals", irrespective of the provision in the previous paragraph,
  • laboratory chemicals in annual volumes less than 100 kg,
  • raw materials for medicines,
  • oil and oil derivatives as well as other organic chemicals used for engine fuel or heating,
  • biocidal products,
  • as well as some specifically identified chemicals according to their customs tariff nomenclature.

Updating of data on registered chemicals
Both producers and importers are liable to communicate any modification regarding any piece of information of any chemical listed. Such data should be as a rule communicated no later than March 31st of the current year for data from the previous year.
Application of data of the List of Chemicals


The Chemicals Office of the Republic of Slovenia may, in accordance with the Chemicals Act, provide certain data from this List of Chemicals to other national authorities and institutions responsible for hazardous chemicals or requiring such data for their work (safety at work, health protection, environmental protection, protection and rescue, customs, national statistics etc.).
When using data from the List of Chemicals, data presenting business secret are protected in accordance with relevant rules on protection of confidential data.
How and where should data on chemicals be provided?
Data on chemicals are provided electronically via web application ISK. User of web application ISK must be registered in Slovenia and have an appropriate web certificate.
Conditions and instructions for using web application ISK are available on the website of the Office under e-sporočanje (in slovene language).


Contact Points: Zoran Bučalič