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  • Strategic Material Act (Official Gazette RS, No. 29/06)
  • Decree on Principles and procedures of Strategic Risk Assessment(Official Gazette RS, No. 48/07)
  • Decree Concerning the Designation of the List of Strategic Material and Corresponding Supervisory Regimes(Official Gazette RS, No. 4/11)
  • Rules on the Form for Obtaining a Permit to Execute Strategic Activities (Official Gazette RS, No. 45/11)
  • Rules on Special Conditions for the Use of Allowed Technology When Performing Strategic Activities (Official Gazette RS, No. 54/07)
  • Rules on General and Special Organizational and General Safety Measures for Performing Strategic Activities (Official Gazette RS, No. 57/07)
  • Rules on Procedure and the Form for Obtaining and Prolongation of the Permit for the Performance of Strategic Activities(Official Gazette RS, No. 43/11)
  • Rules on the content of reports on particular organic chemicals as well as the time-limits and manner of reporting (Official Gazette RS, No.24/09
  • Rules on the content of the application and the notification procedure for strategic activities (Official Gazette RS, No.24/09)
  • Rules on the content of reports, the time-limits and the manner of reporting on yearly performed strategic activities (Official Gazette RS, No.43/11)
  • Rules on Preparation and Implementation of Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons Inspection and Tasks and Obligations of the Liable Persons and the Competent Authority (Official Gazette RS, No. 43/09)